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Fishing from your own garden or from one of the special fishing decks, the 4 Ha. large lake Timmerholt offers you plenty of unique fishing spots for your fishing holiday in the Netherlands. Beautiful fish are caught, including regular carp over 30 pounds. The largest carp was a Scale of almost 46 pounds.
The more than 1250 Mirror and Scale Carp that we have set out in five phases in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2018 and February 2020 to keep the population varied, are caught with a weight ranging between 10 and now above 40 pounds.

D.D. 11-2-2022 we did another large fish release of about 160 carp. A nice combination of scale and mirror carp (in variation of 4 to 6 pounds) has been put out again, so that we can guarantee the build-up of the beautiful, unique carp stock for the next two years.

D.D. 23-2-2022 we released 40 Grass carp of an average of 5 pounds. In addition to the beautiful sport that this fish gives to the rod, these fish will also have to contribute to reducing the abundant growth of the aquatic plants that in our super healthy water goes faster and harder in the summer months.

The Bream present in the lake is above average large and strong and the population of Tench is also very attractive.

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