Holiday homes

Arrival and departure

What is the check-in time?

On the day of arrival you can check into your accommodation from 15:00. Earlier check-in is always possible, so that later you only have to collect the key.
The reception is always open on all possible check-in and check-out days from 09:00 to (at least) 17:00. If for any reason you cannot make it to the opening hours of the reception, you must contact us during the opening hours of the reception (via e-mail, app 06-49675536 or telephone 0593-332641), so that we can offer you a key delivery solution.
Please note that your stay must always be paid for 100% before key delivery.

You must leave the accommodation before 10:30 am on the day of departure.
You must leave the kitchen sink, hob, rubbish bins, refrigerator and dishwasher clean and empty. It goes without saying that the crockery, pans and cutlery are also cleanly placed back in the appropriate kitchen cupboards. Please deposit the garbage in the containers provided for this purpose. The accommodation must be left broom clean.
Please pick up the beds and put the bed linen and any towels and/or tea towels you have rented in the hall under the stairs.

Cancel and adjust

Can I cancel the booking?

Of course, situations can always arise where you want to cancel your stay.
The first 24 hours after booking you can do so free of charge.
For other cancellations, we apply the Recron conditions and you will lose an increasingly higher percentage of your holiday price as the arrival date approaches.
To avoid bearing this financial risk yourself, you can take out cancellation insurance when booking. We then outsource the insurance to "de Goudse" and in case of cancellation and if you meet the cancellation conditions at that time, you will be reimbursed for the travel sum (minus the insurance premium).
Guests who travel more frequently often often have their own continuous cancellation insurance that they can fall back on in case of cancellation.


Where can I make a reservation ?

Reservations can be made on line 24/7 via our website.

If you prefer to speak to someone at reception and make a reservation this way, reception is open :

in the months of April to October , daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except for Sundays and public holidays, when we are open from 10 am).
In the months of November to March, we have shorter opening hours on weekends (Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sundays and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

Reception can be physically reached during the indicated hours and via e-mail ( , app (06-49675536) and/or phone (0593-332641)


Am I allowed to fish in the park?

The large recreational lake at Timmerholt is its own private lake, so you do not need a national fishing pass here.
It is forbidden to place tents along the water's edge and/or to motorboat on the lake.
Fishing from "your own garden or deck" is allowed with a maximum of 2 rods per person and a maximum of 6 rods per accommodation.

For all rules and possibilities, please consult the TIMMERHOLT VISREGLEMENT.

Can I charge my electric or hybrid car at Timmerholt?

Timmerholt offers you the opportunity to charge your electric car. There is a public charging station next to the main building for quick charging of 2 electric cars
It is forbidden to charge an electric car from the accommodation !

Is it possible to swim at the park?

The Timmerholt has a swimming beach. A somewhat shallower section is marked here from May to October.
Swimming at the park is always entirely at your own risk and we recommend that guests who do not have a swimming certificate always be accompanied by a qualified adult. It is recommended that children wear life jackets (a limited number are available at reception)

In the municipality of Midden Drenthe, we have two indoor pools and an outdoor pool available.
Guests of Timmerholt can pick up free tickets for these at reception.

Is there a restaurant and/or snack bar at the park?

At Timmerholt, we do not have our own restaurant or snack bar.
At reception, you will find a coffee/tea corner, where you can buy something during reception opening hours and consume it on site inside or on our terrace.

coffee and tea specialities
soft drinks and ice cream
sweets, crisps and sweets
Within 3 km. of the park, the surrounding area offers various catering establishments where you can enjoy a wide range of catering services.

Irish pub & Restaurant "De turfsteker
Restaurant "Diggels
Restaurant "The Ar
Hotel-restaurant "de Westerburcht
Pancake farm "the straw hat
Bistro "het achterhuus
Ruyghevenne" hotel restaurant
Chinese restaurant "Lotus
Cafeteria No 5
Bert's snack corner
Cafeteria "The food shop
Pizzeria "Pronto

Is there a supermarket on the park?

We do not have a supermarket at the park. You will find two supermarkets (Lidl and Jumbo) in nearby Westerbork.
The centre of Westerbork is about 2 km from the park.

For necessities, there is a limited supply at reception, where you will find some "first necessities" in the sales showcases.

Pay and invoice

How can I pay for my reservation ?

After your reservation, you will receive a confirmation and invoice by e-mail within (at the latest) 24 hours.
This will include our details and the method of payment.
After booking, you pay 35% of the invoice (as a deposit) within 28 days.
The second instalment (remaining amount) must be paid 14 days before arrival.
If you make a last-minute reservation (within 14 days of arrival), you must pay the entire invoice at once.
If you no longer have time to pay by bank, you must pay 100% of the invoice at the reception by means of a pin or cash transaction before handing over the keys.
To avoid misunderstandings : At Timmerholt we do not accept denominations larger than €100.

To monitor your payments and status, you can create a "my environment" on the homepage of our website.
To do this, please click on "Login" at the bottom right and enter the requested data there.

I have paid a deposit, will I get a confirmation?

You can create a "my environment" via the homepage on our website.
This is where payments received are entered and the status of your payments can thus be seen.

Why don't I get my (entire) deposit back ?

At Timmerholt, you pay a deposit per accommodation of € 150.00 upon booking.
If there are no special circumstances, we will transfer this amount to you by bank transfer within 10 working days.

If no damage has been caused to the accommodation or if a loss has been noticed
If the accommodation is left as agreed (swept clean, rubbish removed, dishwasher empty, refrigerator empty and beds removed)
If no damage was caused by you or your fellow travellers to park facilities or other park property.
Costs related to, or as a result of, the non-application of the above will be deducted from the value sum.


Can I bring pets with me to the park?

Not all accommodation allows you to bring your pet. However, there are enough houses on the park that do allow this.

At the park, you must keep your pet on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed to run free. Droppings must be cleaned up immediately, so remember to bring a scoop or bag.

At the park there are, currently, even two houses that have a fenced garden, (nos. 87 and 96)
Here you can let your pet enjoy the space around your holiday home.

Holiday park Het Timmerholt is located in the middle of all the beauty and vastness that Drenthe has to offer. With your pet on holiday or take your pet on holiday!
There are plenty of walking opportunities around the park where you can enjoy and relax to your heart's content.


Internet at the holiday park?

In all accommodation and in and around the centre building, you have , free, use of WiFi.
There is very good 4G and 5G reception throughout the park.
In all individual houses (all accommodation) you have your own internet connection with a very fast internet connection.
Even when using multiple divices (devices) simultaneously, you will not experience any loss of speed.