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Hike in the immediate surroundings with the experience you are looking for. Enjoy yourself on the Dwingelderveld or on the Drentse AA, meet the Drentse Highlanders on the field in Gees, visit the Drentse Hondsrug or make an appointment on the moors around Orvelte with the shepherd, his dogs and the sheep herds.

A walk in the fresh air is not only very healthy, it is also great fun! Our walking routes always take you to the most beautiful places. Stroll through endless nature, take a city stroll, or stroll through one of the cosy green villages. A long-distance walk, a few hours of walking, or collecting pine cones with the family. Choose your route, put on your walking shoes and off you go!

Holiday park Het Timmerholt is so centrally located that you can, for example, take a (brisk) walk directly from the park along the Borkerstroom river or visit the beautiful museum village of Orvelte on foot. At reception, we will be happy to help you fulfil your wishes. To give you an impression of the possibilities and to inspire you, you can pay a digital visit to the Drenthe website and use the walking page to view and perhaps choose one of the almost 300 specially compiled routes.

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